Gluten-free and Science

Research & Development

My Gluten-free Bakker analyzed and tested with Flanders’ FOOD and KU Leuven. We examined what is needed to make gluten-free bread and how you make it taste as good as the original. We put the theory into practice, did a lot of testing and baking tests and came to a scientifically founded range. In addition, we treat recognized organic raw materials with the necessary respect, so that all the bakery traders immediately get a good start.

Gluten-free certificates

  • The Dutch company Schouten awarded the ‘Gluten-free standards’ certificate to My Gluten-free Bakker. This relates to the production, cutting, packaging and sale of gluten-free foods.
  • The International Food Standard (IFS) recognizes My Gluten-free Baker. As standard in the field of food safety, they issue certificates to companies that meet strict criteria.